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Keeping Children Safe Online


The ‘In the Know’ project has been designed and created especially with parents and carers in mind, to equip them with the key information that they need to help young people embark on their digital journeys safely.


In The Know

‘Cadw’n ddiogel ar-lein’ ar ei newydd wedd!

New look ‘Keeping safe online’!

Mae ardal 'Cadw'n ddiogel ar-lein' Hwb wedi cael ei hadnewyddu'n llwyr i'ch helpu i ddod o hyd i'r canllawiau, adnoddau a digwyddiadau diweddaraf yn ymwneud â diogelwch ar-lein, seiberddiogelwch a diogelu data. Beth am fwrw golwg arnyn nhw!


Mae ein hafan ar ei newydd wedd yn cynnwys ardal 'Pynciau'. Ym mhob un o'r meysydd pwnc hyn fe welwch wybodaeth, adnoddau a chanllawiau ategol wedi'u teilwra i'ch anghenion

The ‘Keeping safe online’ area of Hwb has been completely refreshed to help you find up-to-date online safety, cyber security and data protection guidance, resources and events. Take a look!


Our newly designed homepage now features a ‘Topics’ area, in each of these topic areas you will find information, resources and supporting guidance tailored to your needs.

Keeping Safe Online

(Taken from the HWB Website.)

With so many aspects of our lives now entwined with using technology in a digital world, supporting our children and young people to be digitally resilient is fundamental. Digital resilience encapsulates the need to develop knowledge, skills and strategies in order for children and young people to:

  • manage their online experience safely and responsibly
  • identify and mitigate risks to stay safe from harm online
  • understand the importance of using reliable sources and employing critical thinking skills to identify misinformation
  • seek help when they need it
  • learn from their experiences and recover when things go wrong
  • thrive and benefit from the opportunities the internet offers.

Building digital resilience in our children and young people also depends on the resilience of our families and communities.  The Hwb programme aims to provide learners,  families, education practitioners, professionals and governors with the latest resources, information and guidance to enhance their digital resilience.


Online Safety

Cyber Security

Data Protection